The Best Investment Writing Volume 2 – 2nd Edition by Meb Faber (Hardcover) Promos


The Best Investment Writing Volume 2 – Description:

The Best Investment The Best Investment Writing is back for a second year with 41 hand-selected articles. These are the best recent pieces of investment writing from some of the most respected money managers and investment researchers in the world. Youll get valuable insights into: — Why $1 trillion will flow into Chinese stock markets — How share buybacks are good for dividend yields and per share growth — The truth about cryptocurrencies — Why its a myth that bonds lose value if rates rise — The four pillars of retirement income — And so much more! We likened The Best Investment Writing – Volume 1 to a masters course in investing. The second your of the program begins now with The Best Investment Writing – Volume 2. See how it can help you be a better investor today. With contributions from: Stan Altshuller Rob Arnott Cliff Asness Noah Beck Charlie Bilello Chris Brightman Adam Butler Anna Chetoukhina Jonathan Clements Andreas Clenow Tavi Costa Aswath Damodaran Elroy Dimson Leigh Drogen Ed Easterling Meb Faber Rick Friedman Steven Germani Rodrigo Gordillo Charles Grant Wes Gray Rusty Guinn Corey Hoffstein Morgan Housel Ben Hunt Nils Jenson Vitali Kalesnik Norbert Keimling Russel Kinnel Michael Kitces Samuel Lee Feifei Li Adam Ludwin Tom McClellan Paul Marsh John Mauldin Chris Meredith Peter Mladina Jim OShaughnessy Michael Philbrick Dan Rasmussen Barry Ritholtz Cullen Roche Jeremy Schwartz Jon Seed Joseph Shim Steve Sjuggerud Kevin Smith Ehren Stanhope Porter Stansberry Mike Staunton Larry Swedroe Todd Tresidder The Best Investment Writing Volume 2 –