The Brightest Fell – (October Daye) by Seanan McGuire (Paperback) Compare


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The Brightest Fell Praise for the October Daye series: The top of my urban-paranormal series list! I am so invested in the worldbuilding and the characters…. The romance is real and awesome but doesnt overshadow the adventure. –Felicia Day I cant believe McGuire can come up with another adventure as riveting as this one. But then I say that after every book in this series. –SFRevu McGuire has never lacked for courage in her writing…. The phenomenally inventive October Daye series showcases her narrative daring and ingenuity beautifully. –RT Reviews Prepare to be dazzled…. Like the best of urban fantasy with each reveal and mystery solved Tobys world grows ever more enticing. As seductive as faerie itself this is one series I could never give up. –All Things Urban Fantasy These books are like watching half a season of your favorite television series all at once…. More than anything else its the fun of it all thats kept me returning to McGuires books and to this series. –SF Signal The plot is strong the characterization is terrific the tragedies hurt…and McGuires usual beautiful writing and dark humor are present and accounted for. This has be one of my favorite urban fantasy series. –Fantasy Literature With Ashes of Honor McGuire has crafted a deeply personal and intense story that will keep you on the edge hoping to be pushed over. In my opinion it is hands down the best Toby to date. –The Ranting Dragon An urban fantasy detective series featuring a resourceful female detective…. [October Daye] should appeal to fans of Jim Butchers Dresden Files as well as the novels of Charlaine Harris Patricia Briggs and similar authors. –Library Journal The Brightest Fell – (October Daye) by