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The Crafty Gardener – by Becca Anderson Description:

The Crafty Gardener 100 Ideas Crafts and How-tos for Gardeners Fans of Square Foot Gardening Floret Farms Cut Flower Garden Welcome to the Farm and Compact Farms will love The Crafty Gardener. Awakening the gardener in all of us: Gardening allows us to live in a much more human way grounded in nature and connected to Mother Earth and all she provides. Even if your garden is just a hanging basket of cherry tomatoes or a windowsill filled with herb pots you will still reap the benefits of gardening. DIY crafting and gardening: Gardening adds pleasure to your life and gives you a sense of calm. With your garden you are quite literally growing a bounty of blessings. Lifelong gardener and bestselling author Becca Anderson has put her love of crafting and of gardening together in this book of inspired DIY ideas. More than a gardening book: Along with gardening tips and secrets for growing flowers herbs and veggies Anderson shares dozens of how-tos in this delightful guide on making candles potpourri bath salts essential oils floral waters tinctures liquors pickles jams and even fountains birdhouses and fairy doors. The perfect gift for any gardener! Readers will learn: Time-tested gardening secrets How to garden in big and small spaces Recipes for home-grown vegetables and fruits How to preserve and ferment How to make DIY garden decorations and fixtures Andersons own gardening stories that will inspire motivate and lift the spirit A gardening book filled with DIY projects wisdom and joy The Crafty Gardener – by Becca Anderson