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The Edge of In The Edge of Memory Patrick Nunn explores the science in folk history. He looks at ancient tales and traditions that may be rooted in scientifically verifiable fact and can be explored via geological evidence such as the Biblical Flood. We all know those stories that have been told in our families for generations. The ones that start Have I ever told you about your great great Uncle …? In some cultures these stories have been passed down for thousands of years and often reveal significant information about how the surrounding environment has changed and the effect it has had on societies–from stories referring to coastal drowning to the devastation caused by meteorite falls. Take Australian folklore for instance. People arrived in Australia more than 60000 years ago and the need to survive led to the development of knowledge that was captured orally in stories passed down through the generations. These stories conveyed both practical information and recorded history and they frequently made reference to a coastline that was very different to the one we recognize today. In at least 21 different communities along the fringe of Australia flood stories were recorded by European anthropologists missionaries and others. They described a lost landscape that is now under as much as 100 feet of ocean. And these folk traditions are backed up by hard science. Geologists are now starting to corroborate the tales through study of climatic data sediments and land forms; the evidence was there in the stories but until recently nobody was listening. The Edge of Memory is an important book that explores the wider implications for our knowledge of how human society has developed through the millennia. The Edge of Memory – by Patrick