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The Eleventh Hour – by Jacques Goldstyn Description:

The Eleventh Hour Jim and Jules are childhood friends born on the same day in the same village. All their lives Jim has been first — born two minutes before Jules always faster always stronger. When the First World War breaks out in Europe the two young men enlist in the fight with 30000 other Canadians. On the Front conditions arent epic and glorious but muddy and barbaric. Here too Jim is the first to attack. Jules is always two minutes behind: lagging in drills missing the boat handed chores instead of honors. On November 11 1918 Jim and Jules are sent out to fight one last time. Jim always first over the top of the trench is shot and dies at 10:58am two minutes before the Armistice takes effect at 11:00am. Illustrated by political cartoonist and Letters to a Prisoner author Jacques Goldstyn and inspired by true events this picture book is a simple poignant thought-provoking story to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Armistice in 2018. The Eleventh Hour – by Jacques Goldstyn