The Future Is History – by Masha Gessen (Paperback) Reviews


The Future Is History – by Masha Description:

The Future Is Fascinating and deeply felt. -The New York Times Book Review Forceful and eloquent on the history of her native country Gessen is alarming and pessimistic about its future as it doubles down on totalitarianism. -Los Angeles Times A remarkable portrait of an ever-shifting era…Gessen weaves her characters stories into a seamless poignant whole. Her analysis of Putins malevolent administration is just as effective…a harrowing compassionate and important book. -San Francisco Chronicle Ambitious timely insightful and unsparing … By far Gessens best book a sweeping intellectual history of Russia over the past four decades told through a Tolstoyan gallery of characters. … What makes the book so worthwhile … are its keen observations about Russia from the point of view of those experiencing its return to a heavy-handed state. It helps that Gessen is a participant and not just an observer able to translate that world adeptly for Western readers. … You feel right there on the streets. -Washington Post [R]eads almost like a Tolstoy novel…Gessen outlines the failure of Russias reform with precision and humanity thoroughly explaining the strength of an authoritarian governments hold on its citizens psyche. Its not just history; it is an urgent awakening. -Buzzfeed [Gessens] essential reportage traces her homelands political devolution through the dramatic real stories of four citizens who now face a new set of impossible choices. -O Magazine Current events ongoing recognizable and important to realize. – Tom Hanks Remarkable…Gessens deft blending of…stories gives us a fresh view of recent Russian history with from within as it was experienced at the time by its people. It is a welcome perspective. -New York Review of Books Excellent…Gessens cast of characters tell a powerful story of their own giving us an intimate look into the minds of a group crucial to understanding the countrys brief experience of democracy and of the authoritarian regime that follows. -New Republic One of Putins most fearless and dogged critics tracks the devastating descent of post-Soviet Russia into authoritarianism and kleptocracy through the lives of four disillusioned citizens. -Esquire One of our most urgent and iconoclastic journalists…few…are better placed to understand the parallels between the two egomaniacs who now dominate world affairs. -Out Magazine Starting with the decline if not the disintegration of the Soviet regime Masha Gessens The Future is History tracks totalitarianism through the lens of generation raised in post-Communist Russia. -Vanity Fair Hot Type Gessen the sterling Russian-American journalist and activist has been outspoken in recent press articles about the threat of totalitarianism in America. But in her latest book Future Is History she never mentions Americas problems. Here instead she examines what is wrong in her native country and lets readers wide-eyed draw the parallels. -Christian Science Monitor Brilliant and sobering…writing in fluent English with formidable powers of synthesis and a mordant wit Gessen follows the misfortunes of four Russians who have lived most of their lives under Putin…Gessen vividly chronicles the story of a mortal struggle. -Newsday Gessen is an exemplary journalist who knows when to sit back and let facts speak for themselves…[and] The Future Is History just might be the culmination of [her] lifes work… If youve been confused by all the talk about Russia stuff this might be the most important book youll read all year. -Seattle Times Impressive…The Future Is History warns us of what will be of the United States if we dont push against our burgeoning authoritarian government and fight for democracy…A chilling read but a necessary one. -Bitch Media A lively and intimate narrative of the USSRs collapse and its aftershocks through the eyes of seven individuals… A gifted writer Gessen is at her best when shes recounting her characters experiences. -Bookforum A thoroughly-reported history of a dismal sequence of events with a strong engaging narrative and central set of characters. -Forward A brave and eloquent critic of the Putin regime … For anyone wondering how Russia ended up in the hands of Putin and his friends and what it means for the rest of us Gessens book give an alarming and convincing picture. -The Times Gessen makes a powerful case arguing that Putin reconstituted the political and terror apparatus of the Soviet state and that ideology was the last block to fall into place. -Financial Times Russia is more at the forefront of our minds now than its been in all the time since the Cold War and who better to enlighten us on the evolution of this complicated nation than journalist and Putin biographer Masha Gessen? Through her profiles of various Russians including four born in the 1980s Gessen crafts a narrative that deciphers the The Future Is History – by Masha