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The Giants’ Contract Situation With Daniel Jones Is In Limbo |Latest News


It’s been impossible to pin down Daniel Jones for as long as I can remember.

His college career began as a walk-on, but he went on to become a top-10 draught pick in his first year. As an athlete, he has the frame of a pocket passer yet the speed of a scrambler. In New York, he’s a southerner with the right attitude.

While there has been much discussion about how easy it is for New York Giants to decline Jones’ 2023 fifth-year option, it should come as no surprise since there actually isn’t an eight-year history of teams making this key first-deadline quarterback assessment like Jones’.

As of now, “based on what he’s done so far, I’m not sure I would put him in the starting lineup,” one league insider told The Post. To be an agent, you have to tell your client that you hope he can change the narrative and that you see it as an opportunity for him to audition for the entire NBA.” A franchise tag in 2023 would be a wonderful problem for the Giants if he performs well.

The Giants’ Contract Situation With Daniel Jones Is In Limbo |Latest News

There have been 25 judgments on quarterbacks since the NFL rookie wage scale and a fifth-year team option for first-round picks was adopted with the 2011 draught class. Fifteen teams took use of the option, while ten remained silent.

There are two things to consider if the Giants don’t sign Jones to an extension this offseason, neither of which favor him: No team has ever regretted turning down a fifth-year option. When the option is exercised without an extension, no quarterback has earned a second contract as a starter in the last year of his contract.

Until early May, the New York Giants must determine whether or not they will activate Jones’ fifth-year option and fully guarantee him $21.3 million, a 156 percent increase over his current $8.3 million salary-cap hit in 2022.

Five of the 10 quarterbacks whose options were denied had already been dealt or dismissed by the time the decision was due, which does not apply to Jones, who had not yet been traded or released. After their fourth NFL season, four of those five made fewer than five career starts, including two who were out of the league after just two seasons.

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As Teddy Bridgewater recovered from a career-threatening leg injury, his option was declined. That doesn’t include Jones’ neck injury. Bridgewater missed two seasons with the Vikings due to injury, but he’s started 35 games since then for various teams throughout the NFL.

After either three or four seasons, six quarterbacks have had their option exercised without signing a contract extension. Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, and Lamar Jackson are the current members of the group, all of whom have the option to start in 2022.

No other first-round pick from 2018 or Jones from 2023 has done what those three could be required to do. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, the top two picks in 2015, are the only ones who did. Both Winston and Mariota were unable to get long-term contracts because of the pressure they were under Winston led the NFL in interceptions and Mariota lost his starting spot to Ryan Tannehill.

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Robert Griffin III was caught in a loophole that has subsequently been closed. Prior to the current contract year, Washington exercised the former Offensive Rookie Of The Year’s option and released him without compensation after spending the majority of his fourth season playing as a third-stringer. Jones’ case is harmed by the regulation change guaranteeing options in full.

The Giants’ Contract Situation With Daniel Jones Is In Limbo |Latest News

Their main concern is the possibility that they make a mistake and Jones gets what he deserves somewhere else. Even though Tannehill signed an extension after three seasons, the Dolphins chose to move on when he finished his sixth season and ended up being a sensation for the Titans.

Although Jones had a better three-year record than Trubisky (Pro Bowl selection, playoff berth, and 23-18 record), the Bears rejected Trubisky’s option in 2020, the penultimate year before options were completely guaranteed (12-25, no playoffs). To begin his fourth season, Trubisky had to defeat an experienced opponent (Nick Foles), and his fifth season was spent as a backup for the Bills under new Giants general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll’s leadership. Now that he’s a free agent, Chicago Cubs quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is looking for a starting job.

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