The Golden Tresses of the Dead – (Flavia de Luce) by Alan Bradley (Hardcover) Top


The Golden Tresses of the Dead – Description:

The Golden Tresses NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – A finger in a wedding cake is only the beginning in this deliciously shocking mystery featuring Flavia de Luce the worlds greatest adolescent British chemist/busybody/sleuth (The Seattle Times). Although it is autumn in the small English town of Bishops Lacey the chapel is decked with exotic flowers. Yes Flavia de Luces sister Ophelia is at last getting hitched like a mule to a wagon. A church is a wonderful place for a wedding muses Flavia surrounded as it is by the legions of the dead whose listening bones bear silent witness to every promise made at the altar. Flavia is not your normal twelve-year-old girl. An expert in the chemical nature of poisons she has solved many mysteries sharpening her considerable detection skills to the point where she had little choice but to turn professional. So Flavia and dependable Dogger estate gardener and sounding board extraordinaire set up shop at the once-grand mansion of Buckshaw eager to serve–not so simple an endeavor with her odious little moon-faced cousin Undine constantly underfoot. But Flavia and Dogger persevere. Little does she know that their first case will be extremely close to home beginning with an unwelcome discovery in Ophelias wedding cake: a human finger. Praise for The Golden Tresses of the Dead Delightful . . . The mysteries in Mr. Bradleys books are engaging but the real lure is Ms. de Luce the irreverent youngster.–The Wall Street Journal A ghoulish question is at the heart of Bradleys excellent tenth Flavia de Luce novel. . . . Bradley who has few peers at combining fair-play clueing with humor and has fun mocking genre conventions shows no sign of running out of ideas.–Publishers Weekly (starred review) The Golden Tresses of the Dead –