The Iliad – by Gareth Hinds (Paperback) Reviews


The Iliad – by Gareth Hinds (Paperback) Description:

The Iliad – In his latest graphic novel adaptation of a classic text Hinds (The Odyssey) condenses Homers epic poem of gods and mortals at war covering most of the major events and adding supplemental material that expands the story slightly beyond the original…The most striking scenes are the battles presented in intimate detail and in awe-inspiring sweeping overviews. Hindss relatively plain language retains just enough meter to hint at the cadences of the work and together with the dynamic art creates an accessible entrée to an enduring classic. –Publishers Weekly (starred review) Clear scaffolding well-chosen abridgements readable prose and stunning art invite readers into this exceptionally compelling version of the episode of the Trojan War handed down through Homers Iliad…Readers who have struggled to follow the poetry of the standard text or to be emotionally invested in a summary will have no such difficulty here; Hinds has truly produced an easy-to-follow engrossingly cinematic blockbuster on the page. –Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books (starred review) Sing to me O Muse of the rage of Achilles a rousing graphic rendition of Homers great epic…An expertly crafted rendition and a welcome invitation to younger readers to immerse themselves in the ancient past. –Kirkus Reviews This modern graphic novel retelling of Homers epic immediately draws in readers with its artistry and readability…This is a well-done adaptation of an important thought-provoking poem. –School Library Connection As with his treatment of The Odyssey (rev. 11/10) Hinds offers an ambitious and compelling comics adaptation of a Homerian epic…By highlighting the efforts of the goddesses along with amending Helens understanding of her role in the war Hinds makes an effort to address the storys inherent hypermasculinity reminding readers that the war is the work of angry gods and angry men. –The Horn Book Arrestingly Mr. Hinds depicts the meddling immortals in translucent sugary Easter-egg colors. This initially whimsical-seeming decision has the effect of highlighting the mocking distance between the fickle impulsive Olympians and the flesh-and-blood men and women who pay the price for divine caprice on the earth below…Those who know the epic will find an engrossing and rewarding account: gory affecting unforgettable. –The Wall Street Journal Unpacking The Iliad as a reader is one thing; adapting it for comics is a hurdle of a different magnitude. Enter Gareth Hinds the Vermont-born artist who has reworked literary classics from Shakespeare Edgar Allan Poe and more. His magnificently realized graphic telling of The Iliad — in its wealth of muted watercolored hues and evocative landscapes — condenses a more than 20-book-length poem into 251 pages of narrative comics. It follows an equally sweeping interpretation of The Odyssey which had a loose sketchbook-style look as compared with its spiffy successor. –Los Angeles Times This is no mere comics adaptation of an ancient classic. Through his intricately illustrated panels Gareth Hinds brings us The Iliads depth brutality and power. A Herculean effort worthy of the original. –Gene Luen Yang Michael L. Printz Award winner for American Born Chinese With his graphic novel retelling of The Iliad Gareth Hinds has created a work of such scope and power that it boggles my mind. It truly lives up to the — dare I say it — epic scale of the original poem. –George OConnor author of the New York Times best-selling Olympians series The Iliad – by Gareth Hinds (Paperback)