The Loud House #5 – (Loud House 5) by Nickelodeon & The Loud House Creative Team (Paperback) Promos


The Loud House #5 – (Loud House Description:

The Loud House A sleepwalking sister! Space dreams and scientific surveys! A sudden surge of songwriting inspiration! Slippery silent worm hunting and the stealthy seeking of a warm bath! The search for a sticky ghost! There is no such thing as sweet slumber in the Loud House. Witness what kind of antics the Loud kids – Lori Leni Luna Luan Lynn Lucy Lola Lana Lisa Lily and Lincoln (plus best friend Clyde) can get up to in the wee hours! One things for sure its going to be a long long night! An all-new all-night adventure dreamt up by the creative team of Nickelodeons unstoppable hit show! The Loud House #5 – (Loud House