The Messy Middle – by Scott Belsky (Hardcover) Best


The Messy Middle – by Scott Belsky Description:

The Messy Middle Starting a new venture is like jumping off a cliff and sewing a parachute on the way down. This book is the parachute. –Joe Gebbia Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Airbnb This is required reading for founders. Experienced entrepreneurs all know this period Scott refers to as the messy middle and a few of us have worked our way out of it but this is the first time Ive seen an expert–both as a founder and as an investor–break down in such detail just how to endure optimize and make it through. –Alexis Ohanian co-founder of Initialized Capital and Reddit Scott Belsky is a master of generous work worth doing. The Messy Middle will help you see that you have more control than you dare to admit and the ability to make a difference if you care enough. –Seth Godin author of Linchpin Having been through the ups and downs of the messy middle many times its critical to understand the challenges ahead. This insightful book empowers you to approach them head-on. Belskys powerful toolkit based on hard earned experiences is an essential guide to building a compelling product revolutionizing an organization or growing your leadership abilities. –Tony Fadell inventor of the iPod co-inventor of the iPhone founder and former CEO of Nest Principal at Future Shape Building a lasting business is 1percent idea and 99percent resilience. The Messy Middle details the unglamorous but essential lessons every founder needs to learn. –Jennifer Hyman Co-Founder and CEO Rent The Runway The Messy Middle is one of my favorite business books of the last decade. Its humble smart vulnerable and precise. If you do complex work (dont we all?) this book will show you how to navigate the most difficult part of any endeavor. –Todd Henry author of Herding Tigers With The Messy Middle Belsky delivers a brilliant book that goes past dogma and slogans into key tactics and ideas. … Small business teams and evolving start up teams will find The Messy Middle useful for refining every aspect of their game.– Small Business Trends The Messy Middle – by Scott Belsky