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The Mountain – PRAISE FOR THE MOUNTAIN BY PAUL YOON Believe me: This is a genuine work of art a shadowland of survivors that is tough and elegant and true. And beautiful. –The Boston Globe The Mountain is quiet restrained and howling beneath the surface…a fantastic collection.–The LA Times In tales that leap across the globe from upstate New york to Russia characters grapple with the legacy of violence in their lives.–New York Times Book Review Reading The Mountain is like admiring a glowing sunset before realizing that what youre really watching is a wildfire heading your way….his sentences read like Hemingway stripped of his machismo…The Mountain is remarkable…as close as the short story can get to poetry without losing its grip on plot… –The Star Tribune Yoon proves himself a literary alchemist transforming tragedy into beauty with deft reminders of our universal connections… Joining such luminaries as Jhumpa Lahiri Junot Díaz and Alice Munro Yoon has undoubtedly earned membership in the exclusive coterie of todays finest writers of the short form.–Library Journal (starred review) Despite his literary austerity Yoons dazzling use of wordplay pacing and the quiet authenticity of his characters to instill emotion in his audience makes him one of the most evocative writers working today. Six little mysteries that quietly capture the breadth of the human experience.–Kirkus Reviews (starred review) These stories span multiple continents and time periods to arrive at human truths about how greatly our lives are affected and influenced by our shared histories….Yoon expertly interrogates the meaning of nationhood and the universality of the migrant experience. Most often the stories are structured as montages of inner experience; moments of connection are the sparks that ignite these otherwise meditative reflective narratives. The result is a spectacular display of intelligence and feeling.–Publishers Weekly (starred review) Both careful and confident The Mountain shows that a classic approach to a classic form can still feel vital and relevant when in the hands of a perfectionist like Paul Yoon.–GQ Elegant luminous…A heartbreaking yet beautiful rumination on tragedy loneliness grief and displacement. –Buzzfeed Radiant…Yoon uses precise measured prose to create atmospheric narratives that lack neat resolutions. The Mountains overall mood is one of wistfulness–a feeling that stays with the reader after the final page has been turned.–Bookpage The six stories in Paul Yoons (Snow Hunters) second collection The Mountain are almost shocking in their simplicity. Possessing a fable-like sensibility each one is a quietly elegant examination of how survivors of various sorts carry on in the face of profound loss. Yoons strikingly uninflected prose heightens both the tension and the resonance of these tales…Its impossible to separate the content of these stories from the daringly unembellished quality of Yoons writing where omission often feels as meaningful as the words on the page…Yoons unadorned prose is of a piece with the fragility of these delicate stories. Individually and collectively they comprise an exquisite and memorable work of art.–Shelf Awareness The Mountain is atmospherically so compelling and describes so movingly the loneliness and courage of these characters. Paul Yoon mines the interstices of our experience–its full of pregnant spaces–we are haunted by all that isnt said. This is the voice with which we speak to ourselves when no one is listening. The book is profound in the way that W.G. Sebalds work is–like him Yoons voice is quiet and sincere and urgent–and thats what makes the collection so powerful and what ties the collection together. The characters are disconnected yet we feel deeply connected to them. Its mysterious and elusive and distinctive a brilliant collection of stories and a unified work of art. –Daniyal Mueenuddin author of In Other Rooms Other Wonders finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award Paul Yoon writes as if in a state of grace. In The Mountain he moves across continents and time periods with breathtaking assurance setting minutely observed individual lives against the tidal pull of history. He tells the story of border crossings both literal and metaphorical. We are all migrants in one way or another; The Mountain narrates our shared story of movement. –Katie Kitamura critically-acclaimed author of A Separation and The Longshot The Mountain – by Paul Yoon (Paperback)