The Orphan and the Polar Bear – by Sakiasi Qaunaq (Paperback) Compare


The Orphan and the Polar Bear – Description:

The Orphan and Sakiasi Qaunaq was born in 1942 at Alangnarjuk a campsite near Igloolik but has lived most of his life in the Arctic Bay area. His grandmother told him stories as a child-including The Orphan and the Polar Bear-and fostered in him a love for traditional legends that persists to this day. In his youth the stories were told for entertainment but today he feels their re-telling is crucial to sustaining Inuit traditions and culture.Eva Widermann is a graduate of the graphic and design program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Germany. She worked as a graphic designer for many years before she decided to pursue her long-term dream of bing a freelance illustrator and concept artist. Her art is deeply influenced by an unusual combination of Franco-Belgian comics manga and anime. The Orphan and the Polar Bear –