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The Re-Origin of Species – by Torill Description:

The Re-Origin of [T]he projects Kornfeldt writes about are incredibly compelling given that we are living through a mass-extinction event that threatens the stability of the worlds ecosystems. –The New Yorker This thought-provoking and deeply engaging book throws into the question the very meanings of life and death as we understand them. STARRED REVEW –Shelf Awareness Reading The Re-Origin of Species was a delightful adventure. Torill Kornfeldt took me by the hand and led me all around the world and back through history teaching me about how extinction works and how the restoration of all kinds of species from the woolly mammoth to feathered dinosaurs just may be a part of our future. –Tim Urban Wait But Why? Extinction might not be forever!…Free of most scientific jargon Kornfeldts book is an eye-opening introduction to an important new field of study thats well fit for public library audiences. –Booklist The authors careful synthesis of accomplishment versus aspiration is also spot-on–even world-class scientists will be dreamers and there is much more research to be conducted before mammoths once again lumber across the tundra. Wondrous tales of futuristic science experiments that happen to be true. –Kirkus Reviews Any number of terms apply to Torill Kornfeldts fascinating overview of this profoundly important subject: clear-eyed. Skeptical. Open-minded. But the word that sticks with me is one I havent had cause to use in a very long time: hopeful. The Re-Origin of Species gives me hope. –Peter Watts author of Blindsight and Starfish Kornfeldt interviews researchers intent on recreating mammoths and passenger pigeons saving the northern white rhino and reintroducing chestnut trees to North America. –Publishers Weekly [T]his excellent book written with a deceptively light touch (in Fiona Grahams translation)…raises a number of deep questions and paradoxes about our relationship with nature. –The Guardian Its less like reading a college text book and more like reading about a famous explorer digging into cultures not seen since the dawn of time. Its like Indiana Jones light for the scientist. –Adventures in Poor Taste The Re-Origin of Species – by Torill