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The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ukraine Asks for India’s Assistance, and Prime Minister Modi Says He Can Persuade Putin!


Russia appeared to initiate hostilities when its forces entered Ukraine via Crimea in the south. Meanwhile, explosions have been heard in various places throughout Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv. Additionally, Russia has reportedly targeted Ukraine’s Armed Forces headquarters and other military structures.

Five Fronts of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s Ukraine Invasion on Five Fronts:

1. Clashes continue in pro-Russian separatist territories, most notably in Luhansk.
2. Russian bombing of Kharkiv and military movement
3. From Belarus, approximately 150 kilometres north of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv
4. Northward from Russian-controlled Crimea
5. In Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa

Ukraine Reports the Death of 50 Russian Occupiers

According to sources, Ukraine has murdered ‘about 50 Russian occupiers’ during its ongoing conflict with Russia. Earlier this week, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that it had neutralised Ukraine’s armed forces following an early morning military offensive on Thursday (local time).

Ukraine’s Leader Appeals for Assistance in Repelling a Russian Onslaught

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pleading with world leaders to support Ukraine with defence assistance and assistance in defending its airspace against Russia.

In a statement released in the aftermath of Russia’s broad onslaught on Ukraine that began early Thursday, Zelenskyy stated that Russia has declared war on Ukraine and the entire democratic world.

He pleaded with world leaders to provide massive defence assistance and to safeguard Ukraine’s airspace from aggressors.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Ukraine seeks India’s assistance; Prime Minister Modi asserts that he can persuade Putin

Igor Polikha, Ukraine’s ambassador to India, stated on Thursday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Modi ji is one of the world’s most powerful leaders; I’m not sure how many leaders Putin leads, but I hope Putin listens to Modi; we are anticipating favourable support from India,” Polikha stated. Additionally, the Ukrainian envoy stated that India should take a more ‘active role’ in the continuing crisis. He even cited the Mahabharata to underscore the failure of diplomatic methods to avert Russian military assault.

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Five Russian Fighter Jets, Two Helicopters, and Two Tanks Were Destroyed

Ukraine’s ambassador to India stated “We are witnessing the first civilian casualties on the outskirts of the capital. In some regions, there is fighting. According to our Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian side shot down five Russian fighter jets and two helicopters; we also destroyed two tanks and a number of trucks “‘.

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