The Three Little Pigs – by Mei Matsuoka (Hardcover) Compare


The Three Little Pigs – by Mei Description:

The Three Little Then Ill HUFF and Ill PUFF and Ill blow your house down! cried the wolf. Find out what happens when the three little pigs build homes made of straw sticks and bricks. The Three Little Pigs has lively illustrations by Mei Matsuoka that you will want to enjoy again and again. Designed to encourage vocabulary development and help children read aloud this story uses large font types and vibrant contemporary illustrations to help early learning skills. Its a perfect addition to any childrens library. Classic childrens stories come to life with beautiful illustrations Larger font for beginning readers to practice reading aloud Bond with your child through family story time and strengthen a love for books and reading Collect all titles available in the Parragon padded fairytale picture book collection. Classics such as Princess and the Pea Goldilocks and the Three Bears Little Red Riding Hood and more will bring cherished memories to all childrens libraries The Three Little Pigs – by Mei