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The White House Is Thinking About Changing the Rules on “No-knock” Warrants.


“No-knock” warrants may be expanded under a new policy under consideration by the Biden administration.

An order from a judge is known as a “no-knock warrant,” and it permits law enforcement agents with a search warrant to enter a property without first making an entrance announcement.
Normally, cops must knock and make an announcement before entering a private residence to carry out an arrest warrant, but this is an exception.

After a Minneapolis SWAT squad killed Amir Locke, a 22-year-old Black man, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated Monday that President Joe Biden was considering limiting federal agents’ use of the method.

No-knock warrants have been restricted by the Justice Department since September, when it stated that federal agents would no longer be allowed to utilise them.Now that Biden is contemplating expanding the programme to additional federal agencies, Psaki stated,
Homeland Security agents and officers, for example, make use of this strategy.

Federal prosecutors and a supervisory law enforcement officer must both sign off on a no-knock warrant, which is more restrictive than what is permitted by law.

Agents of the Department of Justice, such as those in the FBI, DEA, US Marshals Service, and BACFE, are now only allowed to use no-knock warrants when they have “reasonable grounds to believe that knocking and announcing the agent’s presence would create an imminent threat of physical violence to the agent and/or another person.”

Only in very specific circumstances can a warrant be issued without prior approval from both the agency’s director and an assistant attorney general of the United States.

Most often, no-knock warrants are employed in local law enforcement, where executive directives from the federal government aren’t applicable.Resident safety is in jeopardy since they don’t know who’s going to walk in the door.

An unarmed black woman, Breonna Taylor, was shot and murdered by police during a “no-knock” raid on her house in Louisville, Kentucky.They pose a threat to police officers as well.

According to Locke’s family, they saw a cop kick their 22-year-old son’s couch as he lay sleeping.Locke may be seen on the video moving with a pistol in his hand, shrouded in a blanket, moments before a police shoots his firearmUpon awaking from a deep slumber, the parents of Locke claim that their son was “executed” by reaching for his lawful pistol to defend himself.The interim police head should be fired, according to the family and activists.

When asked about the need for policy reforms in light of Amir Locke’s murder, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the administration lamented “the tragic death of Amir Locke.”To keep both residents and police personnel safe, “there’s a lot of consensus,” she said.

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