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The Year of If youve ever felt there must be more to life than consumerism and its vicious cycle youll find inspiration to break free in The Year of Less. Caits highly readable and personal story is encouraging challenging and unbelievably helpful. — Joshua Becker author of The More of Less Cait Flanders is a brave woman. As I read I cried. But my heart also brimmed with joy. For anyone who doesnt think they can Caits story shows that it doesnt matter where you start only where you go from there. — Gail Vaz-Oxlade host of Til Debt Do Us Part and author of Debt-Free Forever Caits audacious goal–a yearlong shopping ban–has sparked a deeply personal book full of lessons for all of us on finding more fulfillment and meaning in our lives (without all the stuff!). A game-changing read for anyone searching for simplicity in our consumer-focused world. — Rachel Jonat author of The Joy of Doing Nothing The Year of Less is beautiful vulnerable and real. Caits words inspired me to be braver in my writing and life and Im sure it will inspire you too. — Tammy Strobel author of Everyday Adventures Journal and You Can Buy Happiness (and Its Cheap) Minimizing belongings in my life cleared space for so much goodness to fill the space stuff once did. Caits The Year of Less is inspiring . . . a powerful example of how transformative downsizing possessions can be and how you can take it to the next level. — Katie Dalebout author of Let It Out Cait comforted herself with alcohol binge eating and compulsive shopping then finally said Enough is enough. This isnt another book about how to live with less but instead a heartbreaking and then a heartwarming story that shows us if we are willing to let go of the things we think we need we can have a life we really want. — Courtney Carver author of Soulful Simplicity Creating meaningful change in your life takes significant time and effort and in this book Cait shares a deeply intimate view into just how substantial that change can be. If youre looking for inspiration and practical examples of how to take steps toward a better future for yourself and the people you love The Year of Less will give you that and so much more. — Anthony Ongaro founder of This book is such a gift. A gift for anyone whos ever wanted to change but has been afraid–afraid to fail afraid of what we might discover about ourselves as we strip back the layers and afraid of what will happen if we dont. Cait writes beautifully and honestly about the work of creating a life with less and gives you permission to step off the ever-revolving carousel of compulsive and mindless consumption and into the goodness that lies on the other side. — Brooke McAlary host of The Slow Home Podcast author of Destination Simple An inspiring story of how one woman overcame the obstacles of addiction–to shopping alcohol and food–to create a purpose-driven life. You will walk away ready to change your life and with an understanding of why embracing less will set you free. — Elizabeth Willard Thames author of Meet the Frugalwoods The Year of Less – by Cait