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The Boys in THE HARROWING BEHIND-THE-SCENES ACCOUNT OF THE BOYS THE COACH AND THE HEROES WHO SAVED THEM On June 23 2018 twelve boys from a Thai youth soccer team and their twenty-four-year-old coach went missing in the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand. Trapped inside the cave by monsoon rains the teammates survived in darkness for ten days before being located by a pair of British cave divers who swam through a mile of narrow flooded tunnels to find them. In the days that followed millions of people around the world watched breathlessly as an elite group of international rescuers raced the clock and risked their own lives to ferry the soccer team to safety. In The Boys in the Cave ABC News Chief National Correspondent Matt Gutman reveals the hidden behind-the-scenes drama of this remarkable rescue that united the world in hope. A veteran journalist who covered this story on the ground Gutman offers a riveting account of the entire ordeal–tracing the boys initial journey into the cave the furious search and near drownings in the caves tunnels the tragic death of a Thai Navy SEAL and finally the rescue that brought all the boys out safely. Through dozens of interviews Gutman examines how a mission without precedent required the use of bold untested methods; they were the only chance to save the boys lives. From the British and Australian civilian rescue divers to the Thai Navy SEALs to a United States Air Force Special Tactics team The Boys in the Cave reveals the full cast of unsung heroes who working together in a once-in-a-lifetime display of international cooperation converged on the cave in Thailands Golden Triangle to pull off one of the most audacious rescues ever attempted. In addition Gutman explores how the boys endured the cave for so long relying on their wits and their unique bonds with each other and their coach to ensure their survival. Including sixteen pages of photos documenting the cave and the efforts of the Thai and international experts on the ground what emerges is an uplifting and untold story of teamwork bravery and hope that defies possibility reminding us all of the power that exists when people from around the world join forces to solve the impossible. The Boys in the Cave – by