The Source of Self-Regard – Large Print by Toni Morrison (Paperback) Reviews


The Source of Self-Regard – Large Print Description:

The Source of Close your eyes and make a wish. Wish that one of the most informed smartest most successful people in your profession walks into your living room pulls up a chair and says This is what Ive been thinking. … Thats The Source of Self-Regard… The bursts of rumination examine world history skirt religion scour philosophy racism anti-Semitism femininity war and folk tales…Theres even a tidbit or two about her closely guarded personal life. But the real magic is witnessing her mind and imagination at work… This book demonstrates once again that Morrison is more than the standard bearer of American literature. She is our greatest singer. And this book is perhaps her most important song. –James McBride New York Times The Source of Self-Regard speaks to todays social and political moment as directly as this mornings headlines… Morrison tackles headfirst the weighty issues that have long troubled Americas conscience… profoundly insightful. –NPR Clearly we do not deserve Morrison and clearly we need her badly…In this collection of nonfiction written over the past four decades the revered (and sometimes controversial) author reinforces her status as a piercing and visionary analyst of history society literature language and always race… the book explodes into pure brilliance… [It is Morrisons] definitive statement. –The Boston Globe Dazzlingly heady and deeply personal–a rumination on her literary career and artistic mission which is to reveal and honor the aching beauty and unfolding drama of African American life… Have there been many minds more intriguing or writers more sublimely challenging? The Source of Self-Regard excavates Morrisons vast well of knowledge. Open its pages and receive. –O Magazine In an era when complex ideas are reduced to slogans and tweets when language is dumbed down and truth so often debased The Source of Self-Regard moves with courage and assurance in the opposite direction. What a gift. –The Tampa Bay Times Brilliantly incisive essays speeches and meditations considering race power identity and art… Powerful highly compelling pieces from one of our greatest writers. –Kirkus (starred review) Morrison turns a critical eye on race social politics money feminism culture and the press with the essential mandate that each of us bears the responsibility for reaching beyond our superficial identities and circumstances for a closer look at what it means to be human. –Booklist (starred review) Some superb pieces headline this rich collection…Prescient and highly relevant to the present political moment… –Publishers Weekly The Source of Self-Regard – Large Print