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Thomas Cromwell – by Diarmaid MacCulloch (Hardcover) Description:

Thomas Cromwell – Thomas Cromwell has famously defied his biographers but no more. Diarmaid MacCullochs book is subtle witty and precisely constructed. He has sifted the vast archive to clear away the accumulated error muddle and propaganda of centuries allowing us to see this clever and fascinating man better than ever before and in the mirror of his times. This a book that–and its not often you can say this–we have been awaiting for four hundred years. –Hilary Mantel author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies Thomas Cromwell is a wonderfully rich detailed and demanding account of an extraordinary career….Its a book to satisfy academic historians and the general reader alike. Nothing so dramatically and persuasively conveys the reality of life in these blood-soaked years.–Wall Street Journal MacCulloch threads Cromwells notes and other contemporary sources along with modern historians work to recreate his motivations. This comprehensive biography is ideal for passionate devotees of Hilary Mantels historical novels.–Publishers Weekly A landmark portrait of a complex confounding man.–Booklist (starred review) MacCullochs monumental biography brings Henry VIIIs notorious minister to vivid detailed life….A must-read biography of a man whose role in shaping English and Protestant history has long been misunderstood.–Library Journal (starred review) Triumphant and definitive… This is a masterpiece of documentary detective work which buzzes with the excitement of a great historian immersed in archives. Acute elegant and devastating. –Dan Jones Sunday Times This biography is a major work of scholarship of the type that will reset academic understanding of Tudor politics for a generation … and golly can MacCulloch make a Tudor paper trail seem exciting. –Financial Times Praise for Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years Immensely ambitious and absorbing. –Adam Gopnik The New Yorker A landmark contribution . . . It is difficult to imagine a more comprehensive and surprisingly accessible volume than MacCullochs. –Jon Meacham The New York Times Book Review A prodigious thrilling masterclass of a history book. MacCulloch is to be congratulated for his accessible handling of so much complex difficult material. –John Cornwell Financial Times Praise for Silence: A Christian History In MacCullochs hands reading about Christianity often feels as soulful as silently consuming as prayer itself. –Tom Bissell Harpers Magazine Silence is excellent: beautifully written factually dense intellectually sophisticated. –Kathryn Schulz New York magazine Enjoyable and intelligent . . . MacCulloch is a gifted scholar and his ideas are always worth hearing. –The Economist Thomas Cromwell – by Diarmaid MacCulloch (Hardcover)