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Tragic: Barack Obama Recently Returned To The White House To Relive His Glory Days, Only To Discover That No One There Remembers Him At All |Updates


One Washington, D.C., resident recently had to accept that he was past his prime, and unfortunately, Barack Obama recently returned to the White House in an attempt to relive his glory days, but no one there even remembered him.

That must be awfully discouraging. Barack was taken by surprise.

Reorganizing his attic a week ago, Obama found an old box of mementos from his time as President, including a newspaper clipping with a picture of him in the Oval Office looking young, happy, and focused on what he wanted to accomplish in the world. Reminiscing about his greatest presidential triumphs and personal highs, which served as a soothing diversion from the unfulfilling, lifeless present, he was overcome by feelings of longing and loss. President Barack Obama then decided to make an unannounced visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, his former home, in an attempt to recapture some of the glory he felt between 2008 and 2016.

It was only after he arrived at the White House in a suit that didn’t fit him like it did when he played basketball with celebrities and worried about the country’s future that Obama’s hopes were dashed. In contrast to his expectations, no one rushed up to greet him with arms extended, and no one seemed particularly pleased to see him. It took Obama 30 minutes to get through security at the White House visitor entrance, which was directed by a tour guide.

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Tragic: Barack Obama Recently Returned To The White House To Relive His Glory Days, Only To Discover That No One There Remembers Him At All |Updates

In an attempt to get around the visitor line, Obama told a White House security guard that he had previously served as president. However, the guard only asked Obama to place his cell phone, wallet, and belt in a small plastic tray after hearing about his presidential past. To which the security guard curtly replied: “Yeah, yeah, there have been a lot of presidents before—everything out of your pockets, keep it moving,” barely looking up as he directed Obama to lift his arms for a full-body pat-down.

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He had to pay for a public tour after that, so he couldn’t wander the halls on his own and catch up with old friends like President Joe Biden. In a roped-off room across the hallway, Obama saw Janet Yellen, a former appointee of his. I’m Barack Obama!” he shouted as he waved. Then I yelled, “Barry!” in an attempt to draw Yellen’s attention. Yellen, on the other hand, appeared to have no recollection of the former president and simply nodded when he approached her.

A large portrait of President Obama was passed by without the guide even stopping to explain its significance to Obama’s tour group.

With all of his remaining pride, President Obama declared, “That’s me” to the tour group, hoping to be recognized for all of his accomplishments during his presidency’s halcyon days. My first term as president ended in 2008, and my second term ended with a victory in 2012.” In my time in office, I was able to pass healthcare reform, end the war in Iraq, legalize same-sex marriage, and approve the plan that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, among other accomplishments. Barack Obama is my name.

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An awkward silence was broken by a polite smile from the tour group. Only a custodian in the area noticed Obama’s remark.

“Barack Obama,” I think.” ‘Name rings a bell, but I’m having trouble placing it,’ the custodian remarked. “I’ve worked here for about 20 years now.” Son, if you say you were president at some point, I’m sure you were. It’s hard to remember all the different people who come and go.

Yikes. This is a tragedy on a grand scale.

Obama must be in a bad mood at the moment. So much has changed since you were in the White House, and it’s hard to comprehend how much of an impact you had on the building and the people who occupied it. So heartbreaking. When you try to recreate the past, you’re bound to be disappointed, and Barack Obama has just learned that lesson the hard way.

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