Transformed – by Remi Adeleke (Hardcover) Reviews


Transformed – by Remi Adeleke (Hardcover) Description:

Transformed – by Transformed is a truly inspiring story of an abrupt transition to a new land survival and perseverance–the definition of the SEAL creed of never quit. A descendant of warriors and chieftains from Africa Remi Adeleke became a warrior and a leader here. — Scott McEwen #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor American Sniper Its sometimes easy to fall victim to the false narrative that we cant rise above our station. Yet Remi takes that premise to task in this powerful memoir. He takes the soldiers story and turns it inside out by looking at how his incredible past gave way to his present. –Corey Hawkins Lead actor Straight Outta Compton Kong Skull Island and 6 Underground Transformed is a masterful display of the good bad and ugly that life tends to throw our way. In this book you see how overcoming adversity became a normal way of life for Remi Adeleke and equally important how you can mimic his attributes to overcome the odds in your life. –Joe Kuhns Navy SEAL Senior Chief retired Remi Adeleke is truly transformed in the deepest sense of the word and his book will have a lasting impact on many souls. –Kathie Lee Gifford Today cohost New York Times bestselling author and friend This book is more powerful than I could have imagined! Transformed is less about invincible somewhat mysterious supersoldiers and more about very awed vulnerable yet courageous men a strong story about the trial and error of the human spirit. –Neil Brown Jr. Lead actor SEAL Team CBS and Insecure HBO Transformed – by Remi Adeleke (Hardcover)