Una Gran Ayuda – (Somos8) by Daniel Fehr (Hardcover) Top


Una Gran Ayuda – (Somos8) by Daniel Description:

Una Gran Ayuda Swiss-German author Fehr writes in English his simple wryly funny patterned text lending itself to group participation. The real winners here however are Leroys bold-outlined watercolor illustrations. From concerned ever present Ladybug never mentioned in the text to the chuckle-inducing visual denouement the Belgian artists humor carries the tale in grand style. Badgers expression of joyful wonder as the world unfolds around him is a delight. – Kirkus Reviews Adding to readers enjoyment characters from previous encounters wander obliviously into new scenes creating an engaging sense of continuity. The simultaneous release of both the Spanish (via Luis Amaviscas translation) and English editions is sure to be welcomed by classrooms and bilingual households alike. A big treat. – Kirkus Reviews Una Gran Ayuda – (Somos8) by Daniel