View from Alameda Island – by Robyn Carr (Paperback) Promos


View from Alameda Island – by Robyn Description:

View from Alameda A poignant and powerful story about how one womans best intentions lead to the worst of situations and how love helps her to heal and ultimately triumph. From the outside looking in Lauren Delaney has a life to envy–a successful career a solid marriage to a prominent surgeon and two beautiful daughters who are off to good colleges. But on her twenty-fourth wedding anniversary Lauren makes a decision that will change everything. Lauren wont pretend things are perfect anymore. She defies the controlling husband who has privately mistreated her throughout their marriage and files for divorce. And as she starts her new life she meets a kindred spirit–a man who is also struggling with the decision to end his unhappy marriage. But Laurens husband wants his perfect life back and his actions are shocking. Facing an uncertain future Lauren discovers an inner strength she didnt know she had as she fights for the love and happiness she deserves. View from Alameda Island – by Robyn