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When Biden Is Talking About His Dead Son at the State of the Union, Heckler Stops Him and Says, “No.”


Rep. Lauren Boebert, a freshman Republican from Colorado, mocked President Joe Biden for addressing his late son, Beau Biden, at his State of the Union speech. Boebert’s outburst appeared to be a reference to servicemen who died as a result of the United States’ departure from Afghanistan.

The heckling began at the conclusion of Biden’s remarks, during which he listed bipartisan agenda items he hoped to tackle in the next year. He discussed how military personnel are subjected to “burn pits,” which are trash dumps that produce poisonous fumes when medical and hazardous waste, jet fuel, and ammunition are burned.

“When many of the world’s fittest and best-trained troops returned home, they were changed forever. Headaches. Numbness. Dizziness. A cancer that would consign them to a casket adorned with flags. I am aware “As Biden stated.

Boebert said at this time, “You inserted them. Thirteen in total, “in accordance with WTTG. The audience booed Boebert softly, and Biden stopped briefly before continuing.

“One of those troops was Major Beau Biden, my son,” he said. “We don’t know for certain if a burn pit caused his brain cancer or the illnesses that have afflicted so many of our warriors, but I am dedicated to learning everything we can.”

Biden Is Talking About His Dead Son

It’s possible that the allusion to 13 flag-draped coffins was made in reference to the 13 US military men killed during the US pullout from Afghanistan in late August. The members were slain in an incident at Karzai International Airport by members of ISIS-K.

Boebert and fellow rookie Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia also attempted to start a chant of “Build the wall” while Biden discussed immigration policies, according to WTTG. The chant, however, was scarcely heard on public television and faded down fast.

Conservatives have singled out Biden for criticism for soldier fatalities and other parts of the retreat.

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Biden has stated that he makes “no apologies” for his conduct during the Afghanistan drawdown. He did, however, express remorse for the terrorist incident that killed US servicemen there.

“After twenty years, there is no easy path out of Afghanistan. It is not feasible, regardless of when you did it. I make no apologies for the actions I took “As Biden stated.

Burn pits, on the other hand, are a frequent means of disposing of rubbish on military bases. Veterans have reported respiratory, cardiovascular, and intestinal difficulties as a result of their exposure to the pits.

In late January, the House Veterans Affairs Committee heard testimony from former military service men who had health problems as a result of their proximity to the pits.

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