When God Winks Volume 1 – (Godwink) by Squire Rushnell (Paperback) Top


When God Winks Volume 1 – (Godwink) Description:

When God Winks SQuire Rushnell teaches you how to use the power of Godwinks–divine coincidences–to seize certainty in uncertain times and enrich your career and relationships. Whether you call it synchronicity or coincidence it is not an accident that you just picked up When God Winks. In fact you may have suspected all along that there is more to coincidence than meets the eye. These seemingly random events are actually signposts that can help you successfully navigate your career relationships and interests. By recognizing the Godwinks our Creator has placed in our paths we can understand–and embrace–the journey God has laid out for us. Read the incredible Godwinks experienced by everyday people and celebrities including Barbra Streisand Charles Schulz Oprah Winfrey Kevin Costner Mark Twain John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. After reading When God Winks youll learn to recognize coincidences in your life for what they truly are: an act of Gods enduring love. When God Winks Volume 1 – (Godwink)