Where Reasons End – by Yiyun Li (Hardcover) Reviews


Where Reasons End – by Yiyun Li Description:

Where Reasons End Where Reasons End belongs to a band of books produced in the forge of intense pain; their authors aristocrats of suffering–think of The Year of Magical Thinking and Blue Nights Joan Didions memoirs of the deaths of her husband and daughter in close succession. . . . For Li to apply her own language to suicide means to understand suicide as the most private of decisions to address it without cheap sentiment or condemnation. . . . As the title alerts us this book takes place in a territory beyond reason in all its connotations–beyond explanation or understanding. The mother does not require them. In the final reckoning there is nothing she needs from Nikolai other than his company his ghost; to carry him for a moment more to keep the story going.–The New York Times This expansive heartfelt examination of grief in novel form moves through a series of conversations between the mourning mother and her elusive yet vividly present son. This utterly original novel will move anyone who has experienced loss in any form.–Jan Weissmiller Forbes Yiyun Lis gutting novel imagines a conversation between a mother and child months after the childs suicide. The prose is ethereal and electric radiating unthinkable pain and profound love.–BuzzFeed Lis creative engagement with words and with their insufficiency and her willingness to confront the most haunting truths equip her to write a book about grief unlike any other.–HuffPost The most intelligent insightful heart-wrenching book of our time. I will be pressing this into everybodys hands saying: Read this read this now.–Andrew Sean Greer Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Less I received Yiyun Lis galley tonight began almost against my will and have now just closed it. Some of the words forming are ones that Nikolai would find fault with so I will swallow them. But I sit here shaken and I think changed by this work.–Katherine Boo Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Behind the Beautiful Forevers Where Reasons End is about the saddest thing in the world and yet the experience of reading it is mysterious and expansive as though the limits of all things–language love and life–are further than we ever imagined. These stories–astonishing in their compassion their scope their private jokes and their longing–are for anyone who has ever wished that a loved one could have found a way to stay a little longer. An extraordinary book by one of our most extraordinary writers.–Elizabeth McCracken author of Thunderstruck and Other Stories The worst thing that can happen to a parent is the death of a child. In this brilliant moving book the mother continues her dialogue with her intelligent and sometimes acerbic son. Together they contemplate the paradoxes that beset our experience. This is a burning message from one of our best writers.–Edmund White author of The Unpunished Vice: A Life of Reading Where Reasons End – by Yiyun Li