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Where Cooking Begins Carla Lalli Music food director and columnist at Bon Appétit magazine shares her inventive take on food shopping and cooking in this exciting and inviting collection. A gifted writer with a passion for cooking and a reverence for maintaining the integrity of ingredients Music inspires readers to try her approach of in-person shopping for star ingredients to center meals around (shop small and often she advises) while using online sources for shelf-stable staples to keep on hand…Home cooks looking to expand their repertoire with vibrant and easy meals need look no further than this remarkable flavorsome new collection.–Publishers Weekly (starred review) Carla Lalli Music knows the key ingredient in good cooking is enthusiasm. One of the things she does brilliantly in Where Cooking Begins is show you how to cultivate it. I love the way her savvy shopping know-how streamlined sourcing tips organizational smarts and approachable recipes all come together in a single go-to volume. Most important? Its a book that triggers that lets cook right now feeling! –Heidi Swanson author Super Natural Cooking Where Cooking Begins is that rare book that truly makes you cook with confidence. With ninja skills humor and zero B.S. Carla nails it on every single page instilling lessons that your hands–and heart–will remember forever. –Christine Muhlke contributing editor Bon Appétit Carla is the rare talent who combines a chefs sensibility with the mind-set of a busy mom–which means when it comes to dinner simplicity is everything. Her flavor-packed meals accompanied by no-nonsense guidance will make you swoon. Keep this book next to your stove! –Maria Speck author Simply Ancient Grains and Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Where Cooking Begins is like having an amazing cook for a best friend who lets you follow her around the kitchen all day. Carla is that friend. She speaks to you in simple terms she shows you techniques that apply to not just one recipe but several–all delicious. She shows you how to walk right up to your fridge without fear and make a meal to impress family and friends. Her book is perfect for the novice but you would also find it on the favorites shelf of any accomplished home cook. Upon my first read I started cooking immediately. –Jenni Konner writer producer director Girls and Camping This book is the next best thing to getting to hang out and cook with Carla. Ive been a fan forever and have been waiting for this book. –Andrew Tarlow coauthor Dinner at the Long Table Carla has a way with cooking thats relaxing approachable and delicious. That style shines throughout the pages of her gorgeous cookbook. From how to stock a pantry to her six essential cooking methods to her brilliant suggestions for ingredient swaps that make everyday dishes adaptable with what you have on hand or simply what you love Where Cooking Begins is the ultimate kitchen cookbook. –Tieghan Gerard author Half Baked Harvest Cookbook Carla Lalli Music has found a way to impart a failsafe formula for uncomplicated adaptable and delicious home cooking–the kind that lets you actually enjoy what youve cooked in the company of your friends and family at the table. No small feat! Ive no doubt that Where Cooking Begins will be a dog-eared go-to in my kitchen. –Danny Meyer CEO Union Square Hospitality Group; founder Shake Shack; and author Setting the Table Yes Carla Lalli Music is Bon Appétits food director but shes also a working mother who understands the real-life demands of shopping and cooking for a family. Thanks to both of those roles she serves up recipes you not only want to make but can make. –Adam Rapoport editor in chief Bon Appétit Carlas strikingly easygoing approach to cooking techniques in Where Cooking Begins allows every type of cook to learn something new. Its a must-have. –Ignacio Mattos coauthor Estela Where Cooking Begins – by Carla Lalli