'Who doesn’t love a plaid?’ How the Clueless look was made 25 years ago

3 weeks ago

Costume designer, Mona May, talks about the yellow plaid suit, that red Alaïa (“a-what-a?”) dress and other outfits that have ensured Clueless is a permanent fixture on fashion’s watchlist

When it comes to films, the likes of Belle de Jour and Love Story have long been the default fashion classics. But the people name-checking those movies have obviously not seen Clueless. For a generation raised in the 90s, and another one just referencing it, the high school comedy – which came out in 1995 – is the one. It comes with meme-able lines (“Ugh, as if!”, “You’re a virgin who can’t drive”), a cast of characters including Alicia Silverstone’s Cher, Stacey Dash’s Dionne and Brittany Murphy’s Tai, and a wardrobe that stands up to multiple viewings. Here, Mona May, the costume designer behind all of these looks, as well as those for Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Never Been Kissed, reminiscences on 25 years of Clueless.

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